Welcome to Sq‍uash Blossom Studios
We are a unique venue for photography,film, audio recording and special events
Located in a quiet industrial area in East Dallas, we have a lot to offer.
Our large 3000 square foot Studio A features a 12x12x70' cyclorama
Our 338 square foot Studio B is complete with a lighting grid
We have two 6'x8' isolation booths for recording audio
The studio features a full kitchen for food photography or crew meals
On site games include Ping-Pong, Air Hockey, and Foosball
We even have an outdoor basketball court and full size dock bays for load-in 
Best of all, rental proceeds go to fund the East Lake Pet Orphanage, a Dallas-based no kill shelter
Squash Blossom Studios!

This facility, with it's cheerful orange color, is unique in Texas – all rental proceeds go to fund the East Lake Pet Orphanage, a Dallas-based no kill shelter. This is a great venue for still photography, filming, audio recording, meetings, or special events. Located in a quiet, industrial area of East Dallas, Squash Blossom Studios has a lot to offer. 
Our full service facilities include:

• Attractive Lobby Area
• Full Kitchen
• Green Room
• Meeting/Conference rooms
• Flat screen TV
• Mens & womens restrooms
• Private restroom with shower
• Gated and fenced parking
• Ping-Pong, Air Hockey, Foosball
• Full Outdoor basketball court
Studio A:

• 3,000 square foot studio, 75x42
           • 12' x 12' x 70' cyclorama
           • Movable walls
           • 12' ceilings
           • Garage style loading dock  bays

Studio B:

• 338 square foot studio, 26x13
           • Lighting grid
Audio Recording:

• Two 6' x 8' recording booths
• Professional sound isolation